with some tools different...


with some tools different materials are put together, especially with screws, with joints etc. or with time they become unsightly. Here it can happen that a so-called "rust film" forms. This can be prevented or even remedy be created by adding a basic instrument cleaner in the ultrasound device. This is usually enough to prevent this rust from forming.
We recommend Stammopur GR (basic instrument cleaner) for medical and dental instruments and ultrasound equipment.

Stammopur GR is an acidic basic cleaner based on phosphoric acid for the treatment of stained, encrusted, rusted and unsightly instruments and for the treatment of safety devices and parts of diving disasters.

Material compatibility:
Stammopur GR is suitable for stainless steel, precious metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.
Not suitable for aluminum, tin and zinc, beware of damaged chrome plating.

Application Notes:
Stammorpur GR is supplied as a concentrate and can easily with water of min. Drinking water quality to be diluted. Activation additives are not allowed.

Cleaning in an ultrasonic bath
5% 2 -15 minutes
50-60 degrees
Application only in the application vessel
Sounding times as short as possible.

More information available from Dr. med. H STAMM GmbH Chemical Factory, Berlin, Germany