Steel flat surface bar taper 60 mm for 1.2/1.6 mm internally threaded jewellery (has external thread)

This insertion pin is ideally suited for use on internally threaded piercing jewellery.
The insertion aid itself has an external thread which can be screwed seamlessly into internally threaded jewellery of any kind.
The insertion pin is available with either a 0.8 mm external thread, for internal jewellery with a 0.8 mm internal thread,
as well as with a 1.2 mm external thread for internal jewellery with a 1.2 mm internal thread.
As soon as the insertion pin is screwed onto the piercing jewellery, it can be inserted seamlessly into the piercing hole.
After insertion, the insertion pin can simply be unscrewed.
The insertion pin is made of SS316L surgical steel.
Length: 60 mm
14,90 €
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material strength / material SS316L Steel
1.2 mm
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1.6 mm
× 14,90 € *
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