Squidster Tattoo - unsterile SET 11 colours + 1 colour-eraser

Squidster Tattoo Marker: The color stays perfectly on the skin, but it should be cleaned well before. Ideal for creating a sketch for tattooing, because the color stays excellent on the skin even while tattooing. Or you can simply paint the skin and enjoy your work. The squidster pens are available in 11 different colors and one color-eraser. The price is per piece, and the pens are available individually or as a set. The pens have two different tips: a brush tip and a fine tip. To remove the colours from the skin, you can use an alcoholic solution (for example, Kodan) or for small parts the color killer. The color killer is also ideal for blending the colour. The set of 12 includes a color killer and all 11 colors: yellow, orange, red, black, pink, dark blue, dark green, light green, dark gray, light gray and light blue. www.squidster.de
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