Piercing Candle, Alu Container by Yasemin Seber "Haut Couture Mobiles Piercing" - (as long as stocked)

5 great scents combined with 5 different piercings.
Let yourself be surprised by the piercing, of course you can predetermine the piercing type.
All candles are hand filled, in aluminum foil, wrapped piercing.

A romantic, fragrant evening is guaranteed!

Stem: 1.6x14mm + 2x 5mm balls
Ring: 1.2x8mm (Clicker or Horseshoe with 2x 3mm balls)
Labret: 1.2x8mm + 3mm ball
Nose: 1.0mm
Belly: 1.6mm in different lengths and designs (between 6 and 10mm)

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