!!Attention: new ACTION until END 2019 !!

All those who pay immediately with order confirmation in PayPal, get 5% discount on the invoice amount. The resulting overpayment will be refunded immediately after the invoice has been created and the discounted invoice will be in your parcel. This promotion is only valid until 31.12.2019. Other discounts depending on order volumes , as they have been in the past, are not possible during this time.

Here you can find all the holidays as well as dates for upcoming conventions, in which we will participate and therefore our office will be closed (also not available by phone). In urgent cases please send an e-mail to:



Note: If you want to pre-order for the convention, please order at the latest on the respective Tuesday of the week in which the convention takes place.

The international Tattoo Convention Calendar here.


Registration for new customers

Registrations are possible anytime.You can change the language on right of the top. For your first registration please use  the "Login" button on the right. You can order immediately then.

If you want to get registered as a reseller, please register including all requested data. For EU resellers please enter a valid VAT number (only if the VAT number is valid it allows to order without paying German 19% tax) and we will check your data. If you do not have a VAT number, please enter "no VAT number". For customers outside the EU there won`t be any German taxes at all. After approval from our side you can start with ordering as a reseller.

If you have any suggestions or critics please let us know.

Thank you very much

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TRUST Bodymodification Office
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Deutschland / Germany

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Dear customers,

we have our first TRUST catalog. If you like to download the catalog you can do here. If you like to get a price list, please send an email to and tell us your customer number.

If you have any request please let us know.

Your TRUST Wholesale Team 

Trust Office 

Marcus Strohner
Hafenbahnstr. 100
68305 Mannheim
phone +49 621 74824870

Fax    +49 621 74824872