Hygiene and Safety, Complete guidelines for: aesthetic treatment, permanent make-up, tattoos, piercing

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The first 360 degree hygiene manual, a comprehensive guide for Aesthetics, Permanent Make-up, Tattoo and Piercing. The way no one else teaches hygiene and so much more. Everything is here inside this book.

I have gone into great detail to teach you the most important themes divided by chapters, starting with a brief explanation of what tattoo-piercing-pmu really are about, from their spread to the world, to the infectious risk of viral hepatitis in Italy, Europe and in the rest of the world, from information and contraindications to complications and unwanted effects. I describe in-depth studies on microorganisms, viral hepatitis and vaccines, closely describing the contamination mechanisms, the infectious chain and the transmission pathways of infections. Then I continue with the customers hygiene, the operators hygiene (hand washing, personal protective equipment, accident handling) and the environment (furnishings, equipment, disposables, linens) with its products and disinfectants to sanitize. I proceed with the long sterilization process with all its phases in the slightest detail; the dressing (healing and the before, during and after treatment) and new fashionable techniques (microblading, medical tattoos). I get to the assembly and disassembly of your work space. I deal with the disposal of hazardous waste at an infectious risk, contaminated waste (needles, sharps and materials) and their safe operation. I discuss the ins and outs of the legislative framework, control and supervision, courses, start-up activity and the most important documents of the requirements of the activity and the premises. I specify control indications for you, the operator (limits and prohibitions, anesthetics, informed consent, privacy, minors, conventions, piercing ear cartilage) and ending with the necessary materials (inks, equipment, needles, jewellery), risks, controls and labels, biocompatible materials.

The contents of this manual are the result of the skills I have acquired with daily practice and all the information I have gathered during the courses, conferences, and documents collected in my 25 years of experience in this field. These come from medical doctors, engineers, accredited attorneys, the Italian Asl and the Italian Institute of Health.

The purpose of these content-rich guidelines is to provide as much information as possible to you, my colleagues, to bring hygiene and health safety to the aesthetics, permanent make-up, tattoo and piercing in a period of rapid growth but also of confusion in our sector.

I want to give you value, value, value.

I am glad to present to you the NEW edition (3° edition) of my manual, that has by now obtained 2 prestigious acknowledgements in Italy, in Europe and in the world:

1) the revision of the manual by Doctor Aurelia Fonda from the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Prevention of the European RAPEX Alert System;

2) CEPEC - European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians - European Association of aestheticians, including 11 Countries (currently including Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and member of SME United European Association of Craft, small and medium Enterprises), in the person of its President, Laura Grilli, declared my book is a useful and necessary tool, and therefore authorized me to use the CEPEC logo.

Doctor A. Fonda and President L. Grilli present my book in the first pages acknowledging it as a Manual that should be taught in all the aesthetics training schools and aesthetics and tattoo centres.

These 2 extremely high acknowledgements highlight that my manual is unique in the world of Aesthetics, Permanent Make up, Tattoo and Piercing and make it an indispensable tool for all the public and private Training bodies, Academies, Masters, Congresses and for all those who operate in this sector.

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