Havve Fjell - Ten Years of Pain

10 Years of Pain

Pain: A complex experience consisting of physiological (bodily) response to a noxious stimulus followed by an affective (emotional) response to that event. Pain is a warning mechanism that helps to protect an organism by influencing it to withdraw from harmful stimuli; it is primarily associated with injury, or the threat of injury, to bodily tissues. - Encyclopedia Britannica.

Introduction by Havve Fjell

I have just finished writing the last chapters. Now I should find the suitable words, and put them in the right order, to introduce you, the Reader, to Ten Years of Pain.

My Motivation for this book was to raise a milestone over the first Ten Years of Pain Solution. It is a celebration of my/Pain Solution's anniversary. I have thought of this book for a long time; I came up with the title four years ago, but as the anniversary approached, it seemed impossible to realize this wish. I have approached different publishers and presented them with my idea, but none of them called me back. I could not afford to publish the book at my own cost, and I came to eam with the fact that my dream would not come through. Maybe I could name it Twelve - or Fifteen Years of Pain?

Luckily, I found a publisher who wanted to produce the book. The truth is, they actually found me. In October 2002, I was invited to give a lecture at a seminar on self-harm. My lecture was entitled Extreme art and Positive Sides of Self-inflicted Pain. It was the first time I gave a lecture in such a serious gathering of professionals; there were psychiatrists and psychotherapists, doctors and health personnel.

Since the cover is loose because of the age, the book has a special discount!

Publisher: Hertevig Forlag - Norway

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