Display für 1.2mm Internal Micro Barbells with attachments (0.8mm thread) for 24Pcs - internal pins. CL

Amazing nice disply for discs/balls/attachments (with external threads) for internal 1.2mm labrets/stems/barbells/Mini-Dermal Anchors jewellery. That means the attachments have an 0.8mm external thread and can be threaded into an internal jewellery with a wiresize of 1.2mm. The upper part of the display is showing the complete article with stem and attachment. The lower part can use to show up 24 different attachments. The internal pins are useful to put the attachment into the hole, without falling out again. So you need NOT to show 24 complete internal jewellery designs - only the attachments with external thread you can put on. At left side at the ear model you can show up how it will look. Behind the display is a box with 7 subjects to stock the items.
Only for professionals