10xtitanium Flat BCR 1.2 w. jew. 3 mm disc, steril (disassembled)

Pre-sterilized piercing jewellery made out of titanium 6AL-4V-ELI / ASTM-F 136 with Crystal. Why should you take the trouble to sterilize all the jewellery yourself? Think about how much working time/effort you can save when not doing the documentational process, if you buy pre-sterilized piercing jewellery. The material costs for the packaging material etc., are in no relation with the price oft he pre-sterilized jewellery! Our sterile piercing jewellery has hardly any price difference tot he non-sterilized assembled items. So letís go, start shopping the pre-sterilized jewellery an relax when you would normally sterilize your jewellery! THE STERILE JEWELLERY IS NOT ASSEMBLED. THE STERILE PACKAGING ONLY CONTAINS THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS.
Only for professionals
Basket matrix

inside diameter / diameter flat ball 3.0 mm
8 mm
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9 mm
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10 mm
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